In a short span, First Preschool has made significant progress and has designed a comprehensive world class curriculum which has been copyrighted and is proprietary to our franchisee centers. Salient features of the same are as follows:

  • Discover-and-learn with highly interactive teaching methodology
  • Activity based learning, themes and concepts used to impact the learning
  • Every child treated as a unique individual
  • Flexible activity schedule which is age-appropriate and accommodates the latest in teaching techniques
  • Provision for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Field Trips

First Preschool Unique Methodology

BRIGHT KIDS Activities

An array of activities and programs, planned on a periodical basis to provide children with experiences where they can explore their uniqueness and supplement their classroom learning.


Content and Syllabi is designed with an emphasis on every child’s unique learning abilities and cognitive skills. Attention and focus is given to children’s social and cultural sensitivities.


Parents are involved as contributive and active partners. Fortnightly feed back and review meetings and workshops are held to align parents with BRIGHT KIDS approach and enable them to SYNCHRONIZE even at home, a safe, healthy, hygienic and developmentally appropriate environment.

Teachers of BRIGHT KIDS

Curriculum, Syllabus and Teaching Methodology is well researched and structured training program wherein teachers are equipped with skills required to be a teacher of BRIGHT KIDS. All teachers at Bright Kids First Preschool has to mandatorily undergo, learn, share information and receive in-depth training. This training is imparted by First Preschool’s eminent educationists with dynamic, insightful and stresses on hands-on skills which ensures that they are fully equipped to facilitate children’s development and education.

BRIGHT KIDS First Preschool Teachers Seminars & Wordshops

First Preschool organizes interactive sessions, seminars and workshops for teachers. These seminars and workshops are conducted by professionals on various topics such as early child hood care and education, child psychology, child development etc.

In every interactive session, seminar and workshop give teachers powerful, effective and practical techniques which are easy to incorporate in their daily functioning and even easier to instruct the children. A question and answer session after every Workshop / Seminar ensures clear and in-depth understanding of the concepts and better interactions with the trainers. Teachers are given time to assimilate and internalize the concepts, practise the skills in the workshop and brainstorm to gain more confidence in their learning.

e-Bright Kids

e-Bright KIDS is an interactive forum that brings together all stakeholders to understand the needs of each other and practically implement the same. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Guests and Experts get together on various occasions and events through interactive forums, seminars and workshop.


Classroom is designed in such a way that BRIGHT KIDS is implemented and executed in the best possible manner, every classroom is engineered to provide children with the best of learning experience. Carefull creation of lush green places filled with child friendly nature for play and equipment to visual stimulation through pictures & videos.


Understanding and learning is a process which is unique to each child as they learn differently, every child is assessed individually as they are observed non-intrusively and gauged on their individual developments. Fortnightly feed back cards are given to parents followed by counseling sessions for any suggested improvements in the individual report card.

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