Franchise Opportunity

If you want to get associated with BRIGHT KIDS, FIRST PRESCHOOL by taking franchise opportunity, go through this section to explore the PROCESS to take FIRST PRESCHOOL franchise.

Franchise Opportunity


  • High Standard Preschool Brand.
  • Proven success in imparting quality e-Education.
  • Managed by highly qualified & most experienced management team in the preschool industry.
  • World acclaimed ‘BRIGHT KIDS, FIRST PRESCHOOL System based on R & D.
  • Reasonable Franchise fee & royalty – No recurring, Renewal charges, No hidden costs – No false promises.
  • 100% management focus on running preschools & schools.
  • Sense of ownership as each branch has its own individual name identity.
  • Goodwill among the parents means they are willing to pay a premium for the brand.

Top 10 Reason to Start a Preschool

  • Not impacted by business cycles
  • A growing market – Awareness for quality preschool growing
  • No stress of unsold inventory & wastages
  • Low real estate cost – prime commercial location not required
  • Easy work timings(9am – 2pm)
  • A positive work environment
  • Respect from the community
  • High degree of satisfaction as you are giving a foundation to so many children’s lives


What makes BRIGHT KIDS, FIRST PRESCHOOL so special?

  • Activity arcade & digital class rooms
  • Multimedia based teaching plus use of audio visual aids
  • Art & craft workshop
  • Toys & audio visual library
  • Bounce in balls
  • Regular picnics/education tours
  • Doll house / Play house
  • Festival & Birthday celebration
  • Mock interviews for children

Franchisee Requirements

  • Area : Minimum 200 sq. meter on the ground floor (Relaxable for Metro Cities & Hill Stations).
  • Investment by Franchisee: Rs. 4-8 Lakhs (depending on the city & location) on the infrastructure.
  • License Fee: Rs. 1-5 Lakhs (depending on the city) at the time of agreement. As royalty, we take 15% of the total collection of fees.

What is that Franchisee Get?

  • Access to a proven business model.
  • Teaching guidance, training from experienced in the field.
  • Strength of a nationally recognized leading brand in the PRESCHOOL field.
  • World-class designing of curriculum, books, study material, prospectuses, advertisements etc.
  • Technical assistance in creation of infrastructure at competitive prices.
  • Fast launch of the project by our team of designers, suppliers and workers.
  • Savings from bulk purchase rates by the Corporate Headquarters.
  • Expert guidance and support from Corporate Headquarters, our team of PhDs and MBAs and other franchises.
  • Convenient working hours.
  • Continuous guidance to solve the day-to-day problems and ideas for upgradation of infrastructure.
  • Concept planning, designing and supervising of layout of interiors.
  • Training of personnel by orientation programme for adaptation to the FIRST PRESCHOOL way.
  • Technical inputs: Prospectus, curriculum, educational material, books etc.
  • Support for indoor/outdoor events including media coverage.
  • Setting up proper accounting and feedback systems.
  • Centralized procurement and supply system catering to the requirements of the school and the children.
  • Identifying and providing solutions to problems.

Our Support

As a BRIGHT KIDS, FIRST PRESCHOOL franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best. We shall provide your staff with the right training, tools and support. We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available international concepts and have fine-tuned tools you will need to ensure your success.

Some of the benefits that you will enjoy are:


Our team of interior designers, carpenters, painters etc. will setup your branch as soon as possible, with minimum wastage’s to ensure that it is up to the high standards that are expected from FIRST PRESCHOOL.


We provide extensive training in the fine art of operating a FIRST PRESCHOOL franchise. New franchisees will go through an intensive and focused training that will acclimatize them to the fine art of operating a BRIGHT KIDS, FIRST PRESCHOOL branch. Your training will cover all aspects of operations including the business, educational and cultural aspects which ensure that the new franchise owner is made a member of FIRST PRESCHOOL family before he takes up his new venture. The training takes place at a training branch or the franchised location.


An experienced FIRST PRESCHOOL representative provides on-site assistance to guide you through the launch process.



You can contact our FIRST PRESCHOOL support staff at any time to assist you with day- to -day operating matters. Additionally, a FIRST PRESCHOOL representative will visit your branch periodically to review progress and provide any assistance you may need.


We arrange with suppliers for the items required to run your operation. In most cases, you will benefit from reduced prices due to our network buying capabilities. These savings help you to optimize your margins.


We continually review and evaluate opportunities for new ideas and enhancement of existing services.


We work with you to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts – all in step with FIRST PRESCHOOL’s dynamic image. All our franchisees have access to professionally prepared advertising, promotional and marketing material. Material include designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing advertising, public relations material, leaflets, banners, cable advertising etc. All this material produced over the last SEVERAL years is geared to produce results and give our franchisees a competitive edge above the rest.


Franchisees receive the FIRST PRESCHOOL EDUCATION tools they need to run their franchises – our custom designed books, curriculum plans, lesson plans, important notices, support material for functions, celebrations and shared learning from other branches are just some of the materials that are constantly provided to all our franchises.

The Next Steps

Kindly Email/Courier us the :

  • Location map of the proposed location in the city/town
  • Plan/layout of the proposed building with dimensions of the rooms
  • Photographs of the building
  • We will take 2 weeks for review of the location.
  • If the location is approved, we shall send you the sample agreement for signing.
  • Our team of painters/carpenters & designers will setup the branch for you.
  • You shall undertake training at our offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad where we provide you with manuals and training material.
  • We shall assist you in purchases for your school during your training.
  • We shall prepare a marketing plan for your launch in consultation with you.
  • Once the branch is launched, you shall continue to receive regular guidance on running the school as per the FIRST PRESCHOOL curriculum and standards.

Process of becoming a franchisee

  • Fill up Enquiry Form
  • Call our FIRST PRESCHOOL Representatives
  • Meeting & Subsequent Evaluation
  • Briefing on Terms & Conditions
  • Agreement & Complete Documentation
  • Training & Orientation Sessions
  • Commence your business

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